As a sophmore in high school, I designed my first paid ad with scissors, a hot wax roller and xeroxes from a thoroughly-used binder full of vintage clipart.

My life was changed. 

Dave Schafer, Owner, Roll Arena Inc.

"Tonia is a detailed and creative manager with a lot of enthusiasm.
She pays attention and errors do not occur. Her work brought us much success."


Jenn Moore, UI Designer at Experient

"Tonia was a strong asset on our design team at DecisionHealth. The editors and marketers at our company enjoyed working with her because of her creative talent and knack for clean layout. Tonia expressed strong design values, but was also accommodating and easy to work with when reviewers requested specific design changes. She was always open to discussion to find a design solution that met everyone’s expectations. Tonia has excellent work ethic and was always willing to go above and beyond what was expected of her at DecisionHealth. I would highly recommend her for any graphic design/layout project."



Lauren C. Williams, Multimedia reporter, editor, blogger and
social media fiend

"Tonia always has a creative solution to a layout or graphic design problem. I collaborated with her weekly on numerous projects and each time she turned my submissions into eye-catching designs. Whenever there was a last-minute design request or a tricky layout situation, Tonia approached it with a warm demeanor and took the challenges head on. She always had a positive attitude even if things were delivered late or took more time than expected."



Grant Huang, Director of Content at DoctorsManagement, LLC

"Tonia is an efficient and organized worker and is gifted with great design instincts."