2015 NAMAS Reference Guide
2015 cover design for NAMAS Medical Audit Training & Reference. The National Alliance for Medical Auditing Specialists is based out of Knoxville, TN.
Review Magazine Rate Pack
This 2015 rate pack is for an ongoing client based out of Saginaw, Michigan. This rate pack was distributed to potential customers to give them a reference for ad rates, sizes and publication dates.
AAPOL Mini-booth Design
This was a quick, fun project I did for a conference held by NAMAS (The National Alliance for Medical Auditing Specialists) and AAPOL (The American Academy of Provider Offices and Laboratories), both subsidiaries of DoctorsManagement, based out of Knoxville, TN.
NAMAS Conference Full Page Ad
This was a full-page magazine ad I designed for the annual NAMAS conference to be held in Memphis this year. I always love using location photography!
New Century & Review Business Cards
These are two business card designs I did for clients both based out of the Saginaw, Michigan area. One is a successful engineering firm and the other an entertainment & news magazine that has been around since 1978.
A&C Conference Prospectus
I had always wanted to have full reign of one of these and I finally received my chance. This puppy was a 6 page, complete with seating chart and pie graphs.
Private Duty & CCRA Banner Stands
Here are a couple of designs I did for a healthcare publishing company in 2013 (left) and a healthcare consulting company 2014 (right).
Hell's Half Mile
This is a 4-page piece I designed for an indie film society in Michigan in 2009.
Private Duty Newsletter Mailer
This was a mailer form I created for a newsletter called Private Duty Insider.
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